Friday, July 6, 2007

Tabloid News from Michigan

Michigan man arrested, accused of selling pot from company ice cream truck (France) Did you ever get a funny feeling about an ice cream truck? The creepy, evil clown feeling? Maybe it was merely second-hand pot smoke from the driver.

The Farmer File: Michigan counters our Skunk Ape with its own (Florida) In this global economy, states vie with each other for all commerce. In this case, Floridians are concerned that the U.P.'s Bigfoot tourism of late will take business away from the sunshine state.

Jogger trips up Detroit robbery (Canada) An anonymous jogger in Ferndale simply stuck out her foot, tripped the thief, sent the wallet flying and kept running. Although the the crook hopped on a bike and attempted a get away, the police caught up to him, crediting the jogger with giving them a critical few moments of time.