Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ann Arbor Art Fair

If you live in Ann Arbor you either love or hate the annual Art Fair. There is no middle ground on this issue. It brings commerce, but it jams up the city. Thousands of people from around the country converge on downtown and the University of Michigan for four days in July. They shop, amble, eat, listen to music and soak in Ann Arbor's coolness.

The corporate and the non-profit collaborate to put on the Art Fair. As a result, there is much more than art at the event. Thursday and Friday Survivor will be having a casting call; visit the booth near the corner of University and Thayer.

Be sure to walk the gauntlet of non-profit organization booths on Liberty. Participants include: Draft Al Gore, the Republican Party, NOCIRC (an anti-circumcision group), Right to Life, Dingell for Congress, Michigan Atheists, Mott Children's Hospital, Planned Parenthood, Parents Without Partners, the ACLU and more.

And you can't avoid the many food courts. Your menu choices will include enormous portions of funnel cakes, sweet potato fries, gyros, ice cream, shish-ka-bob, elephant ears, Thai stir fry, hamburgers, chicken on a stick, and much more that you should eat only in moderation.

And good news for animal lovers--dogs are welcome.

P.S. If you find parking in a metered spot with a one or two hour limit, don't sweat. The $10 ticket you get will still be cheaper than special Art Fair Parking.