Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Michigan Ranks 19th Nationally for Annual Agricultural Exports

The upside of global economy?

Michigan's Department of Agriculture announced this good news today (press release).
According to the USDA Michigan’s agricultural exports generated more than $1 billion and supported nearly 13,000 jobs.

Michigan's top five agricultural exports in 2006 were:

* Soybeans & Products - $233 million
* Feed & Grains - $216.6 million
* Vegetables - $114.3 million
* Fruit - $97.6 million
* Dairy - $70.9 million

“Through MDA’s International Marketing program, the state not only has been able to maintain its top three export markets, but is looking to grow and expand to other areas,” said MDA Director Mitch Irwin. “We are currently exploring emerging markets in Central America, Africa, India, China and elsewhere to increase Michigan’s visibility in the international arena.”

Well, just don't send all the tart cherries abroad. Okay?