Monday, January 14, 2008

Election day is here, go get 'em

Dear voters,
On Tuesday, January 15, you have the chance to vote in history's strangest primary election ever.

If you are a Democrat and your candidate is not on the ballot, you have several disappointing options.

You can vote 'uncommitted' as a protest, or in support of your candidate who chose to withdraw from the contest. Understand though, a chunk of 'uncommitted' will likely be interpreted as discrediting Clinton's tally.

You can crossover to the GOP primary and make some tortured, narrowly strategic choice -- Romney, keep him in to keep 'em fighting; Paul, Constitution packing straight shooter; McCain, to embarrass Romney in his gimme state ; Thompson,'cause you like the red truck; Huckabee, God's own populist; Giuliani, presumably tolerant of gays, himself documented in drag; Duncan Who?

But, if you do identify as a Democrat, and you feel disenfranchised by your strange and empty ballot, a vote for 'uncommitted' can add together with others to show the Democratic National Committee that you exist and intend to be counted as a Democrat.

A friend of mine sent the DNC an email about the Michigan primary expressing concern, upset, and seeking an explanation for Michigan's mess. The DNC email system didn't even send an auto reply. My friend is now disgusted and as of this evening, undecided about whom to choose tomorrow.

Instead of voting for someone by second guessing his or her chances of beating the likely opponent in November, why not just choose the person whose positions match your own? Yes, it's a crazy idea, because for a lot of progressives this will be Kucinich -- unelectable in our media environment. For fiscal conservatives opposed to the war and worried about civil rights, this might be Paul -- equally unelectable.

Good luck, voters. Let your issues be your guide.