Monday, January 7, 2008

BBC reports Krispy Kreme boss to step down

Why, you may wonder, would the BBC spend airtime or bandwidth on Krispy Kreme? Is it because the company has lost nearly 57% of its value under the leadership of Daryl Brewster, who has been on the job less than two years? Is it a popular stock with British investors?

Clues to this mystery lie in an exchange between strangers on the tube in London. I was riding along minding my business when I noticed some Londoners with a large Krispy Kreme box. I smiled at them. Somehow, they new I was from away. We greeted each other and they leapt to the conclusion that a Krispy Kreme doughnut must remind me of home. I had the sense they felt we connected culturally.

Not really, I thought. Krispy Kreme features prominently in Harrod's food department, alongside rare treats from around the world -- a full service Krispy Kreme counter, ten times the usual gas station assortment stateside. And anything at Harrod's must be great.

No, biting into a fatty Krispy Kreme doughnut doesn't make me feel at home, I thought. It makes me feel like I just put gas in the car and needed some coffee for the road. It reminds me of cartons of cigarettes, spools of lottery cards, bathroom keys on hunks of plywood and dusty cans of soup.

The Londoners were delighted with their precious box of treats. I didn't spoil their cheer.