Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tibet Update

Tibetan protesters try to storm Chinese embassy in Nepal
"KATHMANDU, Nepal--A group of 200 Tibetan exiles and Buddhist monks tried to storm the Chinese Embassy visa office in Nepal's capital on Sunday but police beat them back with bamboo batons.

At least 130 protesters were arrested and some of the demonstrators and policemen were injured in the scuffle."

Chinese claim proof of Tibetan plot
"China's state-run media reported that Chinese police had a written confession from an unidentified Tibetan monk who said he received orders from supporters of the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader, to help incite the riots."

Security tight as Olympic flame arrives in China
BEIJING (Reuters) - The Beijing Olympic flame was welcomed by cheering children amid tight security in China on Monday, a symbolic start to the Games that has been overshadowed by unrest in Tibet and concerns over human rights."

Beijing on guard against Tibet protesters

"Security will be tighter than normal in Tiananmen Square - where pro-democracy protests in 1989 were crushed by force - for a ceremony to welcome the Olympic flame.
The torch will then leave on a four-month worldwide relay that includes stops in Tibet."