Thursday, March 27, 2008

Controlling the frame, keeping Obama on the defensive

The mainstream media are having a wonderful time sustaining controversy around the statements of Obama's pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. Someone has drudged up church bulletins that criticize Israel, putting Obama once again on the defensive. In a classic case of guilt by association, the media are using innuendo to suggest Obama holds positions contrary to U.S. foreign policy. Well, that should keep the promising candidate busy swatting flies and apologizing and explaining for another few days. Mission accomplished.

Why would MSM focus on this? Is it really a good faith effort to fully vet candidates? Or is it just easier to stir controversy and stimulate speculation. Face it, running allegations is a lot cheaper than doing hard research.

These reports are simply cheap and easy, the news equivalent of microwave soup. They lack substance and information that voters could actually use to make a decision. No chewing required. And they satisfy only briefly. There will be more, because they cultivate an appetite for more shocking shallow content-free drivel.

And it's only March. What's going on in Pennsylvania?