Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't think of an elephant...or looking past mayor Kilpatrick's indictment

Don't think of an elephant. Wise politicians advise Detroiters not to get bogged down and preoccupied with mayor Kilpatrick's indictment. In a culture enamored of celebrity and fascinated by every prurient thing, how likely is that? Folks just can't resist the fall of the high and privileged, especially when it involves sex.

In the city that celebrated the "hip-hop" mayor who brought a sense of danger and fun to political office, a dapper player, a cocky native son, imposing in stature, nattily dressed...who can ignore the tragedy? Hope for economic development rests with this man. Hope for attracting business and generating revenue rests with this man. Kilpatrick is the face of Detroit, its ambassador to the world.

Michigan needs a healthy and thriving Detroit not a distracting spectacle and media circus. Can we all put aside this legal and ethical mess and keep on the task of advancing Detroit? He's pulling together support to pay for his defense and notables are reminding the public that he is innocent until proven guilty.

It takes a special strength to move ahead in the face of adversity. The mayor is a fighter and may succeed in this, but will he be able to serve the best interests of the city that depends on his leadership as he fights the charges? Many think not and fear that this will further harm Detroit.

Hard to see how it won't.