Friday, September 28, 2007

The shutdown -- it's personal and political

I started this blog for two reasons: to seek understanding and to offer hope. Neither seems within reach as the legislature bickers itself toward irrelevance and the government toward shutdown.

If the legislature cannot resolve this issue by Sunday, Governor Granholm can assert executive authority and declare a fiscal emergency, according to an analysis by Patrick Anderson, a former deputy state budget director, in consultation with analysts from the Citizens Research Center, Michigan Chamber of Commerce and public schools and universities. (source)

That might not be such a bad option. The analysis says she would have authority to:

• Outline a limited spending plan.

• Assure creditors the state is not bankrupt and would pay its bills.

• Announce automatic, temporary extensions of state registrations, permits and licenses.

Too bad Governor Granholm can't also lay off the House and Senate without pay, rather than 35,000 state workers who actually deliver necessary services to the people of Michigan.