Sunday, September 16, 2007

Partisan split on tax increases in Lansing overnight

According to MIRS, the partisan impasse in Lansing continues to thwart any progress toward solving $1.75 billion shortfall in the 2008 budget. As the October 1 deadline approaches, Republicans entrench with the single issue of no new revenues. The political dysfunction in Lansing is an embarrassment.

We're running out of time and metaphors. What do the legislators most resemble? Children in a playground scuffle? Siblings fighting over the bigger dessert? Religious extremists whose faith is strengthened in the face of persecution? Starving plane crash survivors with no more rations?

Fortunately, no one has pulled a pistol to threaten a duel, although that option looks more effective than anything happening this weekend at the statehouse.

Here's another option: receivership for the state.

The city of Highland Park is currently functioning under this arrangement. If our state legislature cannot address administrative and fiscal issues in a functional manner, perhaps an independent third party can. Bring in Warren Buffett's team.

Dogmatic adherence to cuts only and no increase in revenues would never fly in a corporate environment--unless it were a hostile takeover.