Monday, September 3, 2007

Michigan Democrats, the World is Watching

Finally, we're in the international news and it isn't some embarrassing story about a cat lady or wrongly delivered Chinese body parts. Nor is it merely a sad accounting of our economic losses. It does, however, predict electoral fallout from Democrats' disunity around primary scheduling.

The International Herald Tribune reports (Politicus: Democrats can't count on a flummoxed Midwestern electorate) on the morale and condition of our electorate and speculates that our frustrated populace may not elect a Democrat in the 2008 presidential election, in part because front runners have pledged not to campaign here if we "break" the rules and have an early primary.

And guess who gets the last word in the piece? Mr. Anuzis, of course:

"The Democrats lose in 2008? Saul Anuzis, the Republican Party chairman in Michigan, could only gloat. 'I'm doing cartwheels,' he said. 'There's nothing more the Republicans could ask for in Michigan and nationally.'"

So there you have it--Democrats in conflict and Republicans ready to win. How about Democrats ready to win and Republicans in conflict?