Friday, August 3, 2007

U.S. House Moves to Allow Prescription Imports

If you live near the Canadian border and experience a financial burden from expensive pharmaceuticals, this is great news.

The measure was included in H.R. 3161, which the President already said he would veto on the basis of cost.

The Globe and Mail reports today that the President will veto the bill, which passed by a 237 to 18 vote. The statement from the administration expresses concern over consumer safety.
Curiously, the same bill bans import of meat and poultry grown or processed in China, but according to Reuters:
The White House said China's poultry inspection system "is equivalent to the system in the United States."
One hopes it is at least better than China's toy inspection system or pet food inspection system.

Michigan's own Mike Rogers is quoted in the Globe and Mail piece:
“I understand the intention to lower drug prices to the seniors, that is critically important,” said Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich. “What we're doing is throwing open the gates to every [drug] counterfeiter in the world.”
Supporters of the legislation want to provide consumers access to affordable medication. The pharmaceutical industry tried to block the measure.
No surprises really.