Monday, August 20, 2007

Michigan Arts Funding--from 4th to 50th

From today's Port Huron Times Herald:

"Citing a $3 billion projected budget deficit, Granholm in March issued an order freezing all grants paid by state agencies, including $7.5 million of the $10.1 million promised by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs."

"The moratorium was lifted in June, but only after the council's budget was cut by $3.6 million."

"According to the advocacy group ArtServe Michigan, the decrease means Michigan's funding for the arts has fallen from fourth in the nation in 2001 to last among all 50 states."

I am not sure what to say. This is sickening.

Yesterday, I drove to Interlochen to see the Ann Arbor Pioneer High School Band perform. It was their 60th Annual Band Camp at the world renowned arts venue. The young musicians were phenomenal, my son among them.

This is also the 100th Anniversary of Pioneer's Band program.

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