Friday, August 24, 2007

Information Resources for Michigan Bloggers

Are you looking for something good to read, something inspiring, something informative to jump start your creative process, help connecting the dots of your latest political hypothesis? Checkout these information portals:

Michigan Electronic Library--"MeL is the Michigan eLibrary, an anywhere, anytime library for Michigan residents. MeL contains magazine, newspaper and journal articles, books, and evaluated Web sites. MeL can be used by any citizen of the state at no charge 24 hours/day." Although this description is literally correct, it doesn't convey the breadth of resources available.

Michigan Legislature Website--track legislation every inch of the way

ZNet's Alternative Media Resource List--a gateway to progressive periodicals, radio, TV, books, publishers and booksellers

International Progressive Publications Network--a global, open database of newspapers, magazines, websites, and other media

Evaluation of Information Sources--an excellent collection to help you sift and select online (Victoria University of Wellington, Australia)

Happy reading!