Friday, June 29, 2007

International Tabloid News from Michigan

If this will boost tourism making Michigan an international destination, I'm all for it. Maybe some curious Bigfoot fans will make the trek from Ireland, India, Australia, UK, South Africa, or Israel for a glimpse of the elusive creature after reading the recent "news" coverage.

Bigfoot has been sighted more in Marquette County, than any other in the UP according to Matthew Moneymaker of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Members of BFRO will be in Marquette County July 12-15 searching secret locations for evidence of Bigfoot.

From the UPI coverage:

"We hope to accomplish several things. First is a direct sighting and to record that sighting. We'll be looking for evidence supporting a presence. We are going to study the environment, which is typically remote. And we hope to meet local people who might have seen a Sasquatch or heard of someone else who had an encounter," Moneymaker said.

So head up to the UP for a pasty (June 29-July 1 is PastyFest in Calumet), some smoked fish, open space and a chance to see Bigfoot.