Friday, June 15, 2007

International Tabloid News from Michigan

Michigan couple finds baby on MySpace (Australia) Lookout, Craig's List.

No charges in wheelchair-truck ride (Canada) North American drivers heaved a sigh of relief for the trucker whose grille snagged an occupied wheel chair last week. There but for the grace of god...

Former treasurer of Michigan county gets top sentence in Nigerian scam (Austria) Snopes explains this confidence method, also known as 4-1-9 or advanced fee fraud. If you get an email from a stranger in Nigeria promising a lot of money in return for a little, remember--no free lunches. Not even in prison.

Michigan hotel pulls ladies-only floor plan (Canada) Marriott's intention for its new Grand Rapids hotel seemed good--safe space for business women traveling alone. But response from "international clients was negative. " This wouldn't have anything to do with certain ladies flying into Grand Rapids for the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, would it? Ahem...On a positive note, rooms and the lounge on the floor in question still will feature details to please lady travelers: chenille throw blankets and jewelry holders.