Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obama hurts Detroit's feelings. Get over it.

The headlines shriek: "Obama blasts Detroit, Ford again." Oh please. As if Detroit and the Big Three are above reproach. Obama simply shared a memory of a dismal ride from the 1970s, a Granada.

Even if you are loyal to Ford or GM or Chrysler, you can't argue they never ever produced a dud, especially in the 1970s.

My first ride was a late 1970s Chevy Nova with cheap interior, bad radio, hideous color choices, and no sound proofing.

Obama has criticized Detroit for indulging consumer appetite for gas guzzling SUVs and large trucks. And he recently pointed out that the Japanese makers are getting ready to trounce the Americans with their well-developed fuel efficient vehicles. He is right. Toyota will soon raise the base price of their popular small cars. Take that GM.

For anyone who came up in the 1970s, the decision to build gas hogs has been unfathomable. They are wasteful and cost more to operate. Building them takes more resources but delivers the same level of function of a more fuel efficient car. They are icons of conspicuous consumption. Monuments to ego.

Obama is spot on when it comes to the Detroit Three and their pursuit of greater profit through the sale of SUVs.

If you have a memory of a domestic dud from your early driving years, feel free to share a comment.