Saturday, December 1, 2007

Good news, Dems lose delegates

It's official -- the DNC has voted to strip the Michigan Democratic Party of its 156 delegates to the 2008 presidential nominating convention. Michigan's Democratic primary is not even a beauty contest; it is utterly irrelevant.

What was behind that vote? Most likely, a desire to take an unfair advantage from Hillary Clinton, the only Democratic front runner on the Michigan ballot.

Still, there could be a bright spot in this. Democrats in the state house now have no excuse not to get things done. No longer distracted by intra-party conflict over presidential politics, they can unite for the sake of the people of Michigan.

They are free to work together, to set a course and follow it, unhindered by loyalties to Clinton or Obama or Edwards. This is great news.

All we need now is for the GOP to be slightly less oppositional.