Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Michigan Dems and GOP collaborate on primary proposal

Debbie Dingell and Saul Anuzis have unveiled a bi-partisan proposal to bring sanity and fairness to election scheduling. Could this end the front-loading frenzy?

From the Michigan GOP press release:

The Dingell-Anuzis plan would divide up states into six regions. There would be six sub-regions set up in each region, designating a representative cross section of America. The national parties would then set six distinct dates for when contests would be held. A lottery would determine the dates each designated sub-region could hold a presidential primary or caucus and no one region could be selected to go first for two consecutive presidential cycles, eliminating incentives for states to break the rules.

The Dingell-Anuzis presidential selection compromise plan will be sent to both Republican and Democratic national committees for review and consideration for the 2012 cycle, and beyond. The plan aims to create a permanent solution that would continue to allow party organizations, and not federal legislation, to dictate the nominee selection process.