Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Made in Michigan: International Tabloid News

Has anyone else noticed the string of creepy, bizarre and embarrassing headlines featuring our fair state? I'm not going to link to these. You can just google the key words.

It started with "Body Parts from China Delivered to Michigan Home." We never learned the fate the other packages missing from that shipment. But we didn't need to; that would be old news. Same story, different state.

"Michigan Church to Honor Fallen Turkey." Touching, but weird. And it could have been worse, for example "Michiganders honor their dead."

How about "Michigan Man Gets $122,400 for Cat Bite." Was this one about excessive jury awards, a warning about the "pit bull" of the cat world or a veiled suggestion for extra income in hard times?

"Michigan 'Rat Lady' says white rats great pets." (Better than biting cats certainly.) I am sure other states have rat ladies. I am sure other states have people who like white rats. But no, this had a Michigan angle. Run it.

"Michigan Man Riding Lawnmower Across Country Hits Roadblock." He couldn't afford a car? Fortunately, the coverage does praise his charitable purpose for the trip.

"Houses Cheaper Than Cars in Depressed Detroit." Thank you, Reuters, but the modifier 'depressed' was unnecessary.

Did I miss any?