Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Take a media holiday and be not afraid

It's O.K. to turn off the television, radio and internet and put the paper in the recycling before reading it.

You can take a media holiday and clear your mind of the ups and downs of the economy and the scandals of our trusted political leaders. None of this ultimately matters. It is a diversion from reality.

Yes, these are radical ideas coming from a person who spends time reporting and writing about current events. But these ideas are not contrary to my best interest or yours. In fact, they may be precisely in our best interest. If you take a little time away from the media chatter, you may find a way to reconnect with what actually matters.

For example, when your children come home from school excited about something they learned, that deserves your full attention.

Calling your aging parent a little more often to check in, that matters.

Reconnecting with your senses -- sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell -- and fully enjoying your dinner, no matter how humble, matters.

Appreciating the love present in your life and returning it fully will save you from the fear of loss that seems to drive recent economic news.

For your well-being, go ahead and take a media holiday and be not afraid.