Saturday, October 13, 2007

What color is your Michigan?

Blue? Home of progressive, socially liberal, Democrats, who believe in caring for society's most vulnerable and sustaining infrastructure even if it costs citizens more taxes. A state where diversity strengthens communities and all are welcomed.

Red? Haven for low-tax, socially conservative, Christian patriots identifying as Republican. A state where you can come and do business as you please free from excessive government intervention, but inhospitable to gays and other marginal groups.

Green? Center for alternative energy development, public transit, sustainable development, strong locally unique economies and innovative biotechnology involving stem cell research.

Purple? A little blue and a little red mixed together -- a socially liberal place where taxes are low and what happens in the bedroom is private.

Right now, Michigan is a kaleidescope of shifting and changing colors. And what you see will depend on whom you ask.

The key point is that it is not fixed, which means for the 2008 election -- Michigan is up for grabs.

Michigan is fully in play in 2008.

Ponder that.