Sunday, February 25, 2007

Memes and Cheap Goods

Today, I went to the BIG Kmart for garbage bags, but came back with something else.

While the Michigan economy struggles, "we" are at war. "We" are asked to make sacrifices. Some of us have lost jobs; others have lost family members to the "war" in Iraq.

Some of us are able to shop for household goods and clothing at malls like the Somerset Collection, browsing Lucky Brand Jeans, Luis Vuitton, Saks, Pottery Barn Kids, Nordstrom, or Gucci. We who can do this are probably not feeling too much hurt from the war. No rationing of resources or hunger. No wondering if "we" should enlist to help support the family or as a step toward citizenship.

Fashion at the BIG Kmart today included desert camo for teenage girls, children and even newborn infants. This cute little set is sized "boys 0-3 months."

The Whitehouse has warned on more than one occasion that "this war" (sometimes the one on terrorism, sometimes the one in Iraq) will last decades. So getting this meme out into the psyches of the little ones makes sense. Desensitize early and often. War is hell, but camo in pink is very cool this spring, especially on one-year-old girls. See the darling capris below sized "girls 12 months."

These sweet outfits will become baby shower gifts and birthday presents, the stuff of pleasant memories for mothers and fathers and children.

We are at war.